UOB Art Gallery

UOB Art Gallery

Located at the lobby of UOB Plaza 1, the UOB Art Gallery provides a creative respite amid the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s Central Business District.

It is a place where members of the public can gather to appreciate works in the UOB Art Collection. From time to time, the gallery also features winning entries from the UOB Painting of the Year competition and solo exhibitions by the competition’s alumni artists.

We hope you take the time to visit the UOB Art Gallery and enjoy the artworks on display there.

The UOB Art Gallery can be found at UOB Plaza 1, 80 Raffles Place, Singapore 048624

What’s on showcase now?

Tang and Tranquillity
UOB Painting of the Year Winners’ Series
12 April – 19 May 2017

Explore the colourful worlds of Mr Tang Kok Soo through his Tang and Tranquility exhibition at the UOB Art Gallery.

Mr Tang Kok Soo won the Gold Award, Established Artist Category at the 2016 UOB Painting of the Year (POY), Singapore for his painting Elephants Crossing the Water.

A firm believer that every artist’s moral character and qualities shape the art they create, Mr Tang focuses on painting with a clear and conscious mind. He also believes that art has the power to leave a positive mark on society, and channels positivity into all his works.

The exhibition showcases a range of mixed media paintings from Mr Tang’s signature Stone series and nostalgic watercolour series. To view more of the artworks, please download the Tang and Tranquillity catalogue.

Mixed media
120 x 160 cm

Gazing At
Mixed Media
172 x 132cm

Happy Family
Mixed media
130 x 130 cm

Cattle StockmenCattle Stockmen
Mixed media
120 x 160 cm

Watercolour on paper
128 x 94 cm


A Colourful World
Watercolour on paper
128 x 94 cm

About the Artist


Mr Tang Kok Soo won the Gold Award, Established Artist Category at the 2016 UOB Painting of the Year for his work, Elephants Crossing the Water.

Mr Tang has been an avid painter since his teenage years when he first started exploring with watercolour and oil on canvas. A former engineer, Mr Tang made the move to become a full-time artist in 2013.

He has since participated in many art exhibitions, including Art Stage Singapore 2017 and Affordable Art Fair in 2015. Mr Tang is also a member of the Singapore Watercolour Society.


Elephants Crossing the Water
Mixed Media on canvas
UOB Art Collection

Elephants Crossing the Water is also the inspiration for the design of the 2016 UOB Annual Report. In this painting, Mr Tang applied the attentive use of pencil, charcoal, watercolour and Chinese ink to mirror the composure of an elephant herd in their river-crossing.