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Colour of Mind

Colour of Mind
Exhibition by Om Mee Ai,

winner of the 2014 UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore) competition

N-PIN56L by Om Mee Ai
N-PIN56L by Om Mee Ai

In this exhibition titled Colour of Mind, Om Mee Ai presents 14 artworks including her winning painting from the 2014 UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore) competition.

Through the exhibition, Mee Ai wants the viewers to think about the colour of their minds. She is particularly keen to explore the effect of colours on emotions and the ways in which different individuals respond to and perceive the same visual.

Mee Ai has always been interested in the emotional representation of colours. Her unique art process is based on a meticulous and repetitive painting technique that creates abstract visual effects with various colour combinations. Through her artworks, she hopes to attract the curiosity of her viewers and stimulate their emotional response.
“We often say that a certain colour is our favourite but is that colour the same in the mind of different people? What is the colour of your mind? ” – Om Mee Ai

About the artist

Om Mee Ai

Om Mee Ai is the Singapore winner of the 2014 UOB Painting of the Year Award (Established Artist Category).

Her winning work, titled N-PIN56L, is based on her imagination of a starry night sky. The painting appears monochromatic from a distance but reveals a detailed structure of small skeletal white squares when viewed up close.

Born in Korea, Mee Ai obtained a Master of Fine Art from The Open University in the United Kingdom after graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and a Diploma in Fine Art from LASALLE College of the Arts.

Mee Ai’s artworks are part of important collections with various public and private organisations including the Singapore Art Museum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore, Ministry of Manpower Singapore and United Overseas Bank Group.

Mee Ai now lives and works in two cities in Asia – Hong Kong and Singapore.