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Love, Hope and Peace

Love, Hope and Peace

The ‘Love, Hope and Peace’ exhibition aims to encourage a greater appreciation of the natural environment through art, and is specially brought in to Singapore by Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, in collaboration with Yang Ming Spring restaurant from Taiwan.

YM_08_FlockingFlocking by Dr. Sam Shee

Art lends expression to one’s spiritual and cultural depth. Dr. Sam Shee’s art pieces encourage healing of the soul through introspection, and the spreading of love and hope. His artmaking journey is intertwined with his practice of medicine, following the processes of observation, diagnosis and treatment. Just as Dr. Shee exudes positivity and confidence, his works too have an uplifting effect on viewers.

YM_02_Ancient Tree and CranesAncient Trees and Cranes by Dr. Sam Shee

‘Love, Hope and Peace’ is held in conjunction with Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant’s special vegetable-forward menus available from 4 to 29 April 2016. Through the concept of conscious eating, the menus designed by Executive Chef Zeng Feng and Guest Chef Sean Xue from Yang Ming Spring aim to inspire appreciation for the natural environment.

YM_12_Water Lilies
Water Lilies by Dr. Sam Shee





About the artist

施哲三Dr. Sam Shee specialises in oil painting and sculptures which he creates from his homes in three distinctive cultural centres – Paris, Chicago and Taipei. The desire for emotional connection is the driving force behind his creations.

Dr. Gloria Groom, Department Chair at the Art Institute of Chicago, said “Sam’s art is about communicating the joy he has found in painting with the colours that convey his dreams to others. Sam’s colours and forms have been reinvigorated by his rich personal life and most of all by his deep appreciation of the human body and by his spiritual centre.”

Dr. Shee’s expressive art works resonate with art enthusiasts worldwide, and have garnered him a faithful international following. To date, Dr. Shee has held more than sixty solo art exhibitions. Tirelessly devoted to his dream, he consistently strives to surpass the expectations of both his viewers and himself.




系也成了他的推动力。Dr. Gloria Groom,芝加哥美術館「當代歐洲藝術資深專家」曾说:“他的作品传达了他在油彩世界里找到的快乐。他的人生体验,他对人体深切的了解,以及他的生活理念都深深的影响了他每一幅作品。”

施博士在世界各地举办了多国 60 场各展,也和上万热爱艺术的追随者结了缘。他致力于他的工作,以实现他的梦想,满足艺术爱好者。在艺术创作,施哲三总是干劲十足,热情地向前发展。