Exhibition Archive

Of Joy and Watercolours

1 – 30 September 2016

“We are always looking for happiness. Maybe we can find it, if only we know when to stop looking.” — Aaron Gan

Mr Aaron Gan’s watercolour paintings have always been a reflection of his life.

Joy 56x56 2016

Watercolour on paper
56 x 56 cm

Joy celebrates the progression and achievements Mr Gan has found along his journey as a full-time artist.

Departing from the monochromatic style of his first solo show in 2015, Mr Gan’s paintings in Joy carry a cheerful and whimsical theme, with bursts of colours reflecting the joyous events and positive developments in his career and life.

Featuring Mr Gan’s signature watercolour techniques in long-scroll, Chinese-stylised paintings, Joy is an articulation and showcase of freedom and humility through the artist’s eyes.

Collection 76x28 2016

Watercolour on paper
76 x 28 cm

Celebrate 76x28 2016

Watercolour on paper
76 x 28 cm

Ponder 76x28 2016

Watercolour on paper
76 x 28 cm

About the artist

Mr Aaron Gan is the 2015 UOB Painting of the Year, Gold Award (Established Artist Category), Singapore winner for his painting Starry Starry Night.

Born in 1979, Mr Gan has carved a niche for himself with his exuberant and innovative watercolour painting style. Following his successful debut exhibition in 2013, he was invited to several international showcases, and his artworks have been commissioned by both private and public sector organisations.