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Showcasing the achievements of Alvin Ong and Esmond Loh

We are pleased to share the recent achievements of two of the youngest artists to ever win the UOB Painting of the Year (POY) – Mr Alvin Ong and Mr Esmond Loh – as they progress on the exploration of their imagination on canvas.

Mr Alvin Ong, who won the 24th POY at the age of 16 in 2005 has been accepted into a Masters Programme for Painting at the esteemed Royal College of Art, London this year. Mr Ong is currently pursuing a Fine Arts degree at the Rushkin School of Fine Art, University of Oxford, UK. To date, he has held nine group exhibitions and one solo exhibition.

The Window

The Window – 24th UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore) by Mr Alvin Ong

Here are some of Mr Ong’s recent works:

Rite of the Enigmas

Rite of the Enigmas (2015)

Forest Fire

Forest Fire – After Raden Saleh (2016)


Restaurant (2015)

Also making strides in his field is Mr Esmond Loh who won the 31st POY in 2012 at the age of 17. Mr Loh has an upcoming solo exhibition – States of Being.

States of Being is a departure from Mr Loh’s well-known portrait work. Unlike previous paintings where solitary figures are placed in constructed settings, the paintings in this new exhibition recall a lost moment that is obscured by his imperfect memory.

States of Being runs from 16 – 30 April 2016 at Chan Hampe Galleries, located at Raffles Hotel Arcade #01-21, 328 North Bridge Road. The exhibition is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am – 7pm.  Admission is free.

Mr Loh will share his thoughts on his latest series of work with art lovers at the Chan Hampe Galleries on Saturday, 16 April 2016, 2-3pm

For enquiries on the works of both Mr Ong and Mr Loh, please contact Mr Benjamin Hampe, Chan Hampe Galleries at

Just Let Me Sleep

Just Let Me Sleep – 31st UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore) by Mr Esmond Loh

Below are some of Mr Loh’s works which will be showcase as part of States of Being:

The Hospice

The Hospice (2016)


Incident (2016)

Front Guide

Front Guide (2016)