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Sky Deep

Sky Deep

An exhibition by the Artist Development Programme, Pathlight School and Alumni supported by the UOB Art Gallery

This exhibition celebrates the talents and uniqueness of persons with autism. Their works of art – impressively large, or humbly small – offer more than skin-deep glimpses of their creators.

See more and understand more through the unbridled expressions of the artists: dive deeper into how they play, learn and do pretty much everything that anyone else would enjoy doing.

We hope that with this showcase you will be drawn closer to understanding persons with autism. Ultimately, we all live under the same piece of sky.

Support Inclusion. Celebrate Abilities.

2015 UOB POY SG - EM Most Promising_PlayPlay by Ezra Chan, 2015 Most Promising Artist of the Year

About Artist Development Programme (ADP)

ADP aims to uncover artistic talent in students and develop this potential. A signature programme offered by Pathlight School, ADP engages professional artists to nurture talented students and alumni and provides opportunities for them to be involved in public exhibitions as well as merchandise and art collaborations.

Artists in ADP earn royalties when their work is sold, helping both the artists and their families recognise the value of their art. Royalties also show that their talents, if properly honed and supported by good work habits, can provide a dignified source of income. To date 34 artists, each with their own special style and art form, have developed their art through the ADP.

Keegan Teo Asian Elephant 2015 low res

Asian Elephant by Keegan Teo
SGD 1,100

About Pathlight School

Pathlight School is the first autism-focused school in Singapore that offers Singapore’s mainstream academic curriculum together with life-readiness skills. It caters to students aged 7 to 18 years old with autism and related disorders. These students are cognitively able to access a mainstream academic curriculum but require additional support such as smaller class sizes, special accommodations and teaching staff trained in autism.

Pathlight School was established by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) at the invitation of the Ministry of Education (MOE). It started operations in January 2004 with just 41 students; today, it has more than 1,000 students and is one of the fastest-growing and most progressive special schools in Singapore.

Haril Whales Family LR
Whale Family by Hairil Hady
SGD 1,100