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Weaving Art for Freedom and Fashion

Weaving Art for Freedom and Fashion

A Contemporary Showcase of Textile Art
8 March – 7 April 2017
9:00am – 6.30pm daily

UOB Plaza 1, Ground Floor
80 Raffles Place, Singapore 048624

Visit Women Shoes Freedom – a contemporary textile art exhibition by renowned Singaporean fashion- designer-turned-artist, Benny Ong at the UOB Art Gallery in March 2017.

The Sisters Soong (100x80cm)
The Sister Soong I
Embroidery on silk
100 x 80cm

Coupled with Benny’s creative spirit and strong eye for fashion, each silk art piece has a combination of graphics and strong colours hand-woven by traditional master Laotian weavers.

Ah Mah
Embroidery on silk
70 x 120cm
Combing Memories
Embroidery on silk
70 x 120cm

The exhibition, which will showcase contemporary Southeast Asian-themed art pieces, incorporates playful graphics, colloquial wit and personal narratives from the artist and his weavers.

Family Ties Now (70x120cm)
Family Ties Now
Embroidery on silk
70 x 120cm
Family Ties Then (70x120cm)
Family Ties Then
Embroidery on silk
70 x 120cm


About the artist


Benny Ong is a renowned Singaporean fashion designer turned contemporary textile artist.

Over his long and illustrious career, Ong’s client list included the late Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, her Royal Highness Duchess of Kent and Queen Noor of Jordan.

Benny’s woven textile art is an affirmation of his metamorphosis from fashion designer to contemporary artist. His visual designs are articulated into woven creations by master weavers from Laos. He collaborates with a family of the finest Laotian weavers using traditional weaving methods to produce art works in silk with stunning effect.

Benny is a recipient of the Golden Jubilee Award 2015 by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth Singapore for his many contributions to fashion and design, especially now, for his cross-disciplinary exploration of textile art.