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2016 UOB Painting of the Year Regional Winning Paintings’ Showcase

2016 UOB Painting of the Year Regional Winning Paintings’ Showcase

16 November 2016 – 1 February 2017
UOB Art Gallery, 80 Raffles Place
UOB Plaza 1, Ground Floor

In the 35th edition of the UOB Painting of the Year competition, UOB presented the 2016 UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year award to Indonesian artist, Mr Gatot Indrajati.

Mr Gatot Indrajati

Right or Wrong My Home

The winning artwork, titled Right or Wrong My Home, was found by the regional judging panel to showcase an “innovative use of wood” resulting in a “visually compelling and contemporary art work” with wood carving – a traditional Indonesian art form – and paint. Infusing pop culture, current events and Indonesians’ wry sense of humour and resilience attitude, Right or Wrong My Home carried the representation of the passion and patriotism held by Indonesians of their beloved country.

All four regional winning pieces depict figurative renders of the common places and things; yet they are represented in a manner that invites the viewers to engage with the artists’ inner sentiments about their paintings’ subjects.

UOB Painting of the Year Singapore

Mr Carey Ngai

Industry 2.0 III

Mr Carey Ngai, a UOB Painting of the Year alumni artist, won the 2016 UOB Painting of the Year award for his “realistic art piece” in the form of his oil on canvas painting titled Industry 2.0 III. The Singapore panel of judges was won over by the 49-year-old’s use of shades and colours in his winning piece, which carried the mood of nostalgia.

Established Category


Tang Kok Soo

Elephants Crossing the Water

In Mr Tang Kok Soo’s Elephants Crossing the Water, the Singapore team of judges found the work intriguing and inspiring. The artwork invites the viewer to look closer into not just the innate characteristics of elephants– resilience, loyalty to family, stamina and strong mental faculties; they are also prompted to consider the metaphoric symbolism of the herd of elephants – strength and wisdom.  Through the illustration of the stone’s perceived heaviness dissolving into lightness when stacked together – the artist’s positive message speaks of how when people come together to work towards a common goal or to solve a problem, these barriers or obstacles will be overcome.


Mr Yeo Tze Yang

Ah Ma’s Kitchen

Ah Ma’s Kitchen paints a familiar scene of a Singapore landscape – a common Housing Board Development kitchen which draws on the collective memories from the past and present. Mr Yeo Tze Yang’s paternal grandmother, whom he fondly calls Ah Ma in Hokkien (a local dialect), is not represented as the subject of the artwork, yet everything about the painting is of her. The painting pulls on the viewer’s senses and evokes a common, heartwarming response from the viewers of having visited or lived in such a familiar scene. Mr Yeo’s choice of distortions in his artwork, as opposed to merely rendering his artwork using clean, straight lines attests to the artist’s experience and perspective of space.


Mr Kobayashi Satoshi

The Producer

Mr Kobayashi Satoshi’s inspiration for The Producer came about from his time living in Singapore. The Producer juxtaposes the primitive way of farming and nurturing crops in competition of the needs and demands from modern society.

The artwork is of an elaborate, graphic and decorative artwork, with its main uniqueness as a surface relief art piece. The depressions and elevations of the carving are deepened through the layers of colours used, showcasing a form of dynamism within the mixed media artwork.

Emerging Category

The winning artworks for the Singapore’s emerging category were interestingly very different in techniques, genre and medium yet, each artist was trying to convey a similar message: the exploration of relationships among people, space and objects.


uob-singapore_most-promising-artist-_yoko-choi Yoko Choi
City Wandering
Most Promising Artist of the Year

uob-singapore-emerging_gold-ariel-dong Ariel Dong
em_068_ps_2 Shirly Koh
Gentle Shades of Blue Beyond…
em_093_3 Ryan Lim

Most Promising Artists of the Year – Regional

Ketsakda Wimolsong Effect of Consumerism Ketsakda Wimolsong
Effect of Consumerism
Ng Kok Leong Busy With… Ng Kok Leong
Busy With…
Ignasius Dicky TakndareKhanikla Mey Moyo Yarate Ate (They Have Taken Our Belonging) Ignasius Dicky Takndare
Khanikla Mey Moyo Yarate Ate (They Have Taken Our Belonging)


Please visit the UOB Art Gallery, Singapore to view the 2016 UOB Southeast Asian Painting of the Year as well as the Most Promising Artists’ artworks from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

The exhibition will end on 1 February 2017.

Our Regional UOB Painting of the Year Showcases

Countries Exhibition Details Exhibition Period and Operating Hours 
Singapore UOB Art Gallery 
80 Raffles Place, UOB Plaza 1
Singapore 048624
Ends on 1 February 2017
Opening Hours: 09:00am – 06:30pm
Thailand Digital Showcase of the 2016 UOB Painting of the Year (Thailand) Ends on 15 December 2016
Indonesia UOB Plaza
Jl MH Thamrin No 10,
Jakarta 10230
Ends on 25 November 2016
Opening Hours: 08:00am – 05:00pm
Malaysia Curate Henry Butcher
LG1-1, SENI Mont Kiara,
2A Changkat Duta Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 KL, Malaysia.
Ends on: 21 Nov 2016
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 4:00pm